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Play to win THE Game

In a game recently, our starting pitcher was dominant.  If he had stayed in the game, we would have easily won.  However, this pitcher is also the pitcher on his little league team, as well as his “other” travel team.  I took him out and we lost.  In the parking lot, an inquisitive parent asked – “Why didn’t […]

The Winner Effect: A Nation of Losers

THE WINNER EFFECT Biologically, when we win a game/contest/event, there is a release of testosterone and dopamine into our brains.  This is why we generally feel good when we win a game and why we generally are apt to cheat to avoid losing – as well as to avoid the release of cortisol – a stress […]

Strikeouts and Pink Elephants

Whatever you do, do not think of a pink elephant. As you are reading this sentence, try very hard to NOT think of a pink elephant. Now, what are you thinking about? But I told you not to think of it! Our brains are wired in such a way that attempting to completely suppress our […]