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NO MORE LESSONS.  No more expensive personal training costs.  Instead, train EVERYDAY with other Elite Athletes including Professional Athletes, Collegiate All-Americans, and High School standouts.  First step is a 3 Tier Evaluation.  Schedule Your Eval here!


We are pushing the barriers of human performance with the help of advanced technology and metric analysis.  Members access our state of the art technology to measure, analyze, and foster growth.


Individualized.  Autonomous.  Our core mission is to train the Whole Athlete.  Therefore, all members train for functional strength , functional speed, sport specific skills (baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.), and cognitive development.

Welcome to the Mavs Performance Insititute

Revolutionizing how we view athletic training and student-athlete education. We conduct individual evaluations, create customized training programs, and provide supplemental group training sessions to help train the whole athlete.  Our training program caters to athletes of all performance levels.   Offering strength and speed courses, access to state of the art technology, and instruction from some of the premier athletic specialists in their fields – MPI is redefining the training environment.



Memberships for Professional Athletes and Collegiate Athletes Only.  The Mavs Performance Institute trains MLB/MiLB players in the offseason as well as writing in season training programs. We use state-of-the-art technology to build customized programs, and our athletes are given access in a private, closed setting to maintain a professional and results-driven atmosphere.

Must be approved via application!


Our ELITE Membership is designed specifically for Elite Level athletes in Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse.  The membership includes an evaluation of strength and mobility, sport specific skills, and uses state-of-the-art technology to build a three-tiered customized program for each athlete. The athlete is given unlimited access to our facility, technology, and staff, as well as position-specific classes and mental training.

Athletes must be pursuing elite level goals and seek mastery in their craft.  


Memberships for Youth Athletes and those looking to learn and grow through our limited membership offering.  Emerging athletes are those that are looking to push themselves and others within the MPI community.

Classes For Members.

We believe in mastery.  We believe in autonomy.  We believe in community.  And we believe that growth is non-linear.  Our classes align with our program curriculum.  Classes will help foster individual learning in a group setting.

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If you would like to join MPI as a Professional|College, Elite or Emerging Athlete; please fill out our application form to schedule your initial evaluation!

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What People Say About Training With MPI

The Mavs Performance Institute has taken my game to the next level. Whether it’s in the weight room or on the mound, compete academy has all the tools to become a better athlete. The instructors give you information that can’t be received anywhere else. I quickly learned that there will be ups and downs in the learning process. Success is not linear and I had to learn from my failures in order to succeed. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I was today.

Howie Brey
Howie BreyPitcher, Houston Astros

Baseball is a sport that is constantly learned and where you strive to always improve your skills. The Mavs Performance Institute offers this to athletes in a unique way!  The in depth programs used to develop all facets of the athlete; strength, throwing, fielding, and hitting, are exceptional!  Our experience in the last 2 years has allowed Ethan to develop significantly in all phases of his game.  The amazing camaraderie the players develop also is a great asset! Players share developmental successes, encourage each other, and work together to improve. It is exactly the kind of atmosphere you want your athlete to train in

Tom GavinParent of High School Member